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 We are happy to invite you to our next event:

April, 5th, 2018 (Thursday)

Lecture & Live music


- "Protection of Culture: the Roerich Pact" (in English) by Konstantin Gilevych.

- Live piano music by Olga van der Pennen.

The program “Russian Sketches”:
Alexander Scriabin – preludes;
Alexander Grechaninov – pieces from the cycles
“Pastels” and “Children's Album”;
Vasily Kalinnikov – pieces.

Olga van der Pennen – pianist, composer, musicologist and music pedagogue – was born in St. Petersburg (Russia). At the age of 17 Olga was enrolled at S.- Petersburg State Conservatory where she studied composition and musicology as main subject and piano as a subsidiary subject under the direction of professor Sergei Slonimski.
Olga writes music in the different genres: children's ballet, chamber music but also pop music.
In December 1989 Olga settled in the Brabant Best.
Olga gives private music lessons to children and adults and organizes music seminars "Reading Comprehension". She is the initiator and organizer of social concerts "Young for old".
In 2009 Olga organized Musical October Best Foundation with a goal to give a number of public concerts in October each two years in Best and the region (24 October is the Liberation Day of Best) .
Olga also participates in various benefit events of Rotary International, including “Rotary in Kunst” and “Love For Life”.
“Always with me” is the name of her new bilingual Dutch-Russian CD, with ten new compositions, which she composed in 2014/2015.
Olga is currently working with Sandra Geller on a film- concert theater production, for which she writes music, sings and accompanies herself on a piano.
"When I'm composing a piece of music, I always focus on my listener. I'm telling often a personal story, share my deepest emotions and dreams with a thought: open your heart. Because from heart to heart is my motto".

 Address: CultuurSpoor Best, Raadhuisplein 32 • 5683 EA Best

 Admission is free, though donations are welcome.


Agenda 2015


10 September 2015 (Thursday), 19.00

  • «Helena Blavatsky and the Mahatmas' Letters from the British Library archives. – Katerina Lyakhova.

1 October 2015 (Thursday), 19.00

  • «Roerich Centre» for kids. «Following our summer trips: old monuments and sightseeing attractions»– Katerina Lyakhova.

22 October 2015 (Thursday), 19.00

  •  During the festival "Muzikale Oktober Best" Olga de Kort-Koulikova presents the lecture «Roerich in the music», in the collaboration with Odilia Carmen Chirica (soprano), Olga van der Pennen (piano).

    Adres : Bibliotheek Best, Raadhuisplein 32, 5683EA, Best.

12 November 2015 (Thursday), 19.00

  • «Children's secret world in the space of adults' world», (review of M. Osoroina's book). – Julia Padiy.

10 December 2015 (Thursday), 19.00

  • «Central-Asian Expedition of Nicholas Roerich».  – Konstantin Gilevych.

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